Lays in Codex Regius

Völuspá - The Prophecy of the Seeress
Hávamál - The Sayings of Hár
Vafţrúđnismál - The Lay of Vafthrúdnir
Grímnismál - The Lay of Grímnir
Skírnismál - The Lay of Skírnir
Hárbarđsljóđ - The Lay of Hárbard
Hymiskviđa - The Lay of Hymir
Lokasenna - The Flyting of Loki
Ţrymskviđa - The Lay of Thrym
Völundarkviđa - The Lay of Völund
Alvíssmál - The Lay of Alvís

Lays not in Codex Regius

Baldrs draumar - Baldr's Dreams
Rígsţula - The Lay of Ríg
Hyndluljóđ - The Lay of Hyndla
Völuspá in skamma - The Short Seeress' Prophecy
Svipdagsmál I: Grógaldr - The Spell of Gróa
Svipdagsmál II: Fjölsvinnsmál - The Lay of Fjölsvid
Gróttasöngr - The Song of Grotti
Sólarljóđ - Poems of the Sun

Heroic Lays in Codex Regius

The Helgi Lays

Helgakviđa Hjörvarđssonar - The Lay of Helgi Hjörvardsson
Helgakviđa Hundingsbana I - The First Lay of Helgi the Hunding-Slayer
Helgakviđa Hundingsbana II - The Second Lay of Helgi the Hunding-Slayer

The Niflung Cycle

Grípisspá - The Prophecy of Grípir
Reginsmál - The Lay of Regin
Fáfnismál - The Lay of Fáfnir
Sigrdrífumál - The Ballad of the Victory-Bringer
Sigurđarkviđa in meiri (Brot) - Fragment of a Sigurd Lay
Guđrúnarkviđa I - The First Lay of Gudrún
Sigurđarkviđa hin skamma - The Short Lay of Sigurd
Helreiđ Brynhildar - Brynhild's Ride to Hel
Dráp Niflunga - The Fall of the Niflungs
Guđrúnarkviđa in forna - The Second Lay of Gudrún
Guđrúnarkviđa in ţriđja - The Third Lay of Gudrún
Oddrúnarkviđa - The Lament of Oddrún
Atlakviđa -The Lay of Atli
Atlamál hin groenlenzku - The Greenland Lay of Atli

The Jörmunrekkr Lays

Guđrúnarhvöt - Gudrún's Lament
Hamđismál - The Lay of Hamdir

Not in Codex Regius

Hlöđskviđa - Lay of Hlöd
Hervararkviđa - The Waking of Angantýr

Literal Translation:

Lays in Codex Regius

Völuspá - The Prophecy of the Seeress
Hávamál - The Sayings of Hár (work in progress)


The English translation chosen for the Poetic Edda is by Henry Adams Bellows, from a 1936 publication that is now in Public Domain.

Bellows' Translation has been corrected where there have been clear issues with the numbering of stanzas and where the author has clearly strayed from the Old Norse original text. All other areas of the translation are the original works of Henry Adams Bellows.

Currently we have plans to have our own translation of the Poetic Edda which will be a more literal translation without the poetic or academic errors that occur in most modern translations.

English source for the Bellows translation comes from

Old Norse source for the Poetic Edda comes from

The literal translation of the Poetic Edda is the work of Dr. Marion Ingham.


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