Gróttasöngr - The Lay of Grotti, or The Mill-Song

Gróttasöngr Introduction Notes - notes on the poem
Gróttasöngr 1-5 - Stanzas 1-5 with notes
Gróttasöngr 6-10 - Stanzas 6-10 with notes
Gróttasöngr 11-15 - Stanzas 11-15 with notes
Gróttasöngr 16-20 - Stanzas 16-20 with notes
Gróttasöngr 21-24 - Stanzas 21-24 with notes


The poem comes from Edda Sćmundar hinns frôđa - The Edda of Sćmund the Learned. From the Old Norse or Icelandic with an Index of Person and Places. Part II by Benjamin Thrope., broken down into 5 stanza seqments so that the Old Norse can match the English translations.


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