Hl÷­skvi­a - The Greenland Lay of Atli

Hl÷­skvi­a Introduction Notes - Hollander's notes on the poem
Hl÷­skvi­a 1-5 - Stanzas 1-5 with notes
Hl÷­skvi­a 6-10 - Stanzas 6-10 with notes
Hl÷­skvi­a 11-15 - Stanzas 11-15 with notes
Hl÷­skvi­a 16-20 - Stanzas 16-20 with notes
Hl÷­skvi­a 21-25 - Stanzas 21-25 with notes
Hl÷­skvi­a 26-32 - Stanzas 26-32 with notes


The poem is not in the Poetic Edda or the Codex Regius; it is an extract from Hervarar saga ok Hei­reks, the translation for this comes from Lee M. Hollander's Old Norse Poems, 1936 edition; broken down into 5 stanza seqments so that the Old Norse can match the English translations.


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