Volsung Saga - Völsunga saga

Chapter 1 - Of Sigi the Son of Odin
Chapter 2 - Of the Birth of Volsung, the Son of Rerir, who was the Son of Sigi
Chapter 3 - Of the Sword that Sigmund, Volsung's son, drew from the Branstock
Chapter 4 - How King Siggeir wedded Signy, and bade King Volsung and his son to Gotland
Chapter 5 - Of the Slaying of King Volsung
Chapter 6 - Of how Signy sent the Children of her and Siggeir to Sigmund
Chapter 7 - Of the Birth of Sinfjotli the Son of Sigmund
Chapter 8 - The Death of King Siggeir and of Stigny
Chapter 9 - How Helgi, the son of Sigmund, won King Hodbrod and his Realm, and wedded Sigurn

Chapter 10 - The ending of Sinfjatli, Sigmund's Son
Chapter 11 - Of King Sigmund's last Battle, and of how he must yield up his Sword again
Chapter 12 - Of the Shards of the Sword Gram, and how Hjordis went to King Alf
Chapter 13 - Of the Birth and Waxing of Sigurd Fafnir's-bane
Chapter 14 - Regin's tale of his Brothers, and of the Gold called Andvari's Hoard
Chapter 15 - Of the Welding together of the Shards of the Sward Gram
Chapter 16 - The prophecy of Grifir
Chapter 17 - Of Sigurd's Avenging of Sigmund his Father
Chapter 18 - Of the Slaying of the Worm Fafnir
Chapter 19 - Of the Slaying of Regin, Son of Hreidmar

Chapter 20 - Of Sigurd's Meeting with Brynhild on the Mountain
Chapter 21 - More Wise Words of Brynhild
Chapter 22 - Of the Semblance and Array of Sigurd Fafnir's bane
Chapter 23 - Sigurd comes to Hlymdale
Chapter 24 - Sigurd sees Brynhild at Hlymdale
Chapter 25 - Of the Dream of Gudrun, Giuki's daughter
Chapter 26 - Sigurd comes to the Giukings and is wedded to Gudrun
Chapter 27 - The Wooing of Brynhild
Chapter 28 - How the Queens held angry converse together at the Bathing
Chapter 29 - Of Brynhild's great Grief and Mourning

Chapter 30 - Of the Slaying of Sigurd Fafnir's-bane
Chapter 31 - Of the Lamentation of Gudrun over Sigurd's dead
Chapter 32 - Of the Ending of Brynhild
Chapter 33 - Gudrun wedded to Alii
Chapter 34 - Atli bids the Giukings to him
Chapter 35 - The Dreams of the Wives of the Giukings
Chapter 36 - Of the Journey of the Giukings to King Atli
Chapter 37 - The Battle in the Burg of King Atli
Chapter 38 - Of the slaying of the Giukings
Chapter 39 - The End of Atli and his Kin and Folk

Chapter 40 - How Gudrun cast herself into the Sea, but was brought ashore again
Chapter 41 - Of the Wedding and Slaying of Swanhild
Chapter 42 - Gudrun sends her Sons to avenge Swanhild
Chapter 43 - The Latter End of all the Kin of the Giukings
Appendix I: Part Of The Second Lay Of Helgi Hundings-Bane
Appendix II: Part Of The Lay Of Sigrdrifa
Appendix III: The Lay Called The Short Lay Of Sigurd
Appendix IV: The Hell-Ride Of Brynhild
Appendix V: Fragments Of The Lay Of Brynhild
Appendix VI: The Second Or Ancient Lay Of Gudrun

Appendix VII: The Song Of Atli
Appendix VIII: The Whetting Of Gudrun
Appendix IX: The Lay Of Hamdir
Appendix X: The Lament Of Oddrun


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