Chapter 43 - The Latter End of all the Kin of the Giukings.

Now telleth the tale concerning the sons of Gudrun, that she had arrayed their war-raiment in such wise, that no steel would bite thereon; and she bade them play not with stones or other heavy matters, for that it would be to their scathe if they did so.

And now, as they went on their way, they met Erp, their brother, and asked him in what wise he would help them.

He answered, "Even as hand helps hand, or foot helps foot."

But that they deemed naught at all, and slew him there and then. Then they went their ways, nor was it long or ever Hamdir stumbled, and thrust down his hand to steady himself, and spake therewith--

"Naught but a true thing spake Erp, for now should I have fallen, had not hand been to steady me."

A little after Sorli stumbled, but turned about on his feet, and so stood, and spake--

"Yea now had I fallen, but that I steadied myself with both feet."

And they said they had done evilly with Erp their brother.

But on they fare till they come to the abode of King Jormunrek, and they went up to him and set on him forthwith, and Hamdir cut both hands from him and Sorli both feet. Then spake Hamdir--

"Off were the head if Erp were alive; our brother whom we slew on the way, and found out our deed too late." Even as the Song says,--

"Off were the head
If Erp were alive yet,
Our brother the bold,
Whom we slew by the way,
The well-famed in warfare."

Now in this must they turn away from the words of their mother, whereas they had to deal with stones. For now men fell on them, and they defended themselves in good and manly wise, and were the scathe of many a man, nor would iron bite on them.

But there came thereto a certain man, old of aspect and one-eyed,1 and he spake--

"No wise men are ye, whereas ye cannot bring these men to their end."

Then the king said, "Give us rede thereto, if thou canst."

He said, "Smite them to the death with stones."

In such wise was it done, for the stones flew thick and fast from every side, and that was the end of their life-days.

And now has come to an end the whole root and stem of the Giukings.2


[1. Odin; he ends the tale as he began it.

2. "And now," etc., inserted by translators from the Prose Edda, the stanza at the end from the Whetting of Gudrun.

* The chapter numbering has been skewed by one, this is Chapter 42 in the Old Norse.]


43. Kaptuli

at er n at segja fr sonum Gurnar, at hn hafi sv bit eira herkli, at bitu eigi jrn, ok hn ba eigi skeja grjti n rum strum hlutum ok kva eim at at meini mundu vera, ef eigi geri eir sv.

Ok er eir vru komnir lei, finna eir Erp, brur sinn, ok spyrja, hvat hann mundi veita eim.

Hann svarar: "Slkt sem hnd hendi ea ftr fti."

eim tti at ekki vera ok drpu hann. San fru eir leiar sinnar ok litla hr, r Hamir ratai ok stakk nir hendi ok mlti:

"Erpr mun satt hafa sagt. Ek munda falla n, ef eigi styddumst ek vi hndina."

Litlu sar ratar Srli ok brst ftinn ok fekk staizt ok mlti:

"Falla munda ek n, ef eigi stydda ek mik vi ba ftr."

Kvust eir n illa hafa gert vi Erp, brur sinn; fru n, unz eir kmu til Jrmunreks konungs, ok gengu fyrir hann ok veittu honum egar tilri.

Hj Hamir af honum hendr bar, en Srli ftr ba. mlti Hamir:

"Af mundi n hfuit, ef Erpr lifi, brir okkarr, er vit vgum leiinni, ok sm vit at of s," sem kveit er:

"Af vri n hfuit,
ef Erpr lifi
brir okkarr inn bfrkni,
er vit braut vgum."

v hfu eir af brugit boi mur sinnar, er eir hfu grjti skatt.

N skja menn at eim, en eir vrust vel ok drengiliga ok uru mrgum manni at skaa.

bitu eigi jrn. kom at einn mar, hr ok eldiligr, me eitt auga ok mlti:

"Eigi eru r vsir menn, er r kunni eigi eim mnnum bana at veita."

Konungrinn svarar: "Gef oss r til, ef kannt."

Hann mlti: "r skulu berja grjti hel."

Sv var ok gert, ok flugu r llum ttum steinar at eim, ok var eim at at aldrlagi.


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