Chapter 9 - How Helgi, the son of Sigmund, won King Hodbrod and his Realm, and wedded Sigurn.

Now the tale tells that Helgi in his warring met a king hight Hunding, a mighty king, and lord of many men and many lands; they fell to battle together, and Helgi went forth mightily, and such was the end of that fight that Helgi had the victory, but King Hunding fell and many of his men with him; but Helgi is deemed to have grown greatly in fame because he had slain so mighty a king.

Then the sons of Hunding draw together a great army to avenge their father. Hard was the fight betwixt them; but Helgi goes through the folk of those brothers unto their banner, and there slays these sons of Hunding, Alf and Eyolf, Herward and Hagbard, and wins there a great victory.

Now as Helgi fared from the fight he met a many women right fair and worthy to look on, who rode in exceeding noble array; but one far excelled them all; then Helgi asked them the name of that their lady and queen, and she named herself Sigrun, and said she was daughter of King Hogni.

Then said Helgi, "Fare home with us: good welcome shall ye have!"

Then said the king's daughter, "Other work lies before us than to drink with thee."

"Yea, and what work, king's daughter?" said Helgi.

She answers, "King Hogni has promised me to Hodbrod, the son of King Granmar, but I have vowed a vow that I will have him to my husband no more than if he were a crow's son and not a king's; and yet will the thing come to pass, but and if thou standest in the way thereof and goest against him with an army, and takest me away withal; for verily with no king would I rather bide on bolster than with thee."

"Be of good cheer, king's daughter," says he, "for certes he and I shall try the matter, or ever thou be given to him; yea, we shall behold which may prevail against the other; and hereto I pledge my life."

Thereafter, Helgi sent men with money in their hand to summon his folk to him, and all his power is called together to Red-Berg: and there Helgi abode till such time as a great company came to him from Hedinsey; and therewithal came mighty power from Norvi Sound aboard great and fair ships. Then King Helgi called to him the captain of his ships, who was hight Leif, and asked him if he had told over the tale of his army.

"A thing not easy to tell, lord," says he, "on the ships that came out of Norvi Sound are twelve thousand men, and otherwhere are half as many again."

Then bade King Helgi turn into the firth, called Varin's firth, and they did so: but now there fell on them so fierce a storm and so huge a sea, that the beat of the waves on board and bow was to hearken to like as the clashing together of high hills broken.

But Helgi bade men fear naught, nor take in any sail, but rather hoist every rag higher than heretofore; but little did they miss of foundering or ever they made land; then came Sigrun, daughter of King Hogni, down on to the beach with a great army, and turned them away thence to a good haven called Gnipalund; but the landsmen see what has befallen and come down to the sea-shore. The brother of King Hodbrod, lord of a land called Swarin's Cairn, cried out to them, and asked them who was captain over that mighty army. Then up stands Sinfjotli, with a helm on his head, bright shining as glass, and a byrny as white as snow; a spear in his hand, and thereon a banner of renown, and a gold-rimmed shield hanging before him; and well he knew with what words to speak to kings--

"Go thou and say, when thou hast made an end of feeding thy swine and thy dogs, and when thou beholdest thy wife again, that here are come the Volsungs, and in this company may King Helgi be found, if Hodbrod be fain of finding him, for his game and his joy it is to fight and win fame, while thou art kissing the handmaids by the fire-side."

Then answered Granmar, "In nowise knowest thou how to speak seemly things, and to tell of matters remembered from of old, whereas thou layest lies on chiefs and lords; most like it is that thou must have long been nourished with wolf-meat abroad in the wild-woods, and has slain thy brethren; and a marvel it is to behold that thou darest to join thyself to the company of good men and true, thou, who hast sucked the blood of many a cold corpse."

Sinfjotli answered, "Dim belike is grown thy memory now, of how thou wert a witch-wife on Varinsey, and wouldst fain have a man to thee, and chose me to that same office of all the world; and how thereafter thou wert a Valkyria1 in Asgarth, and it well-nigh came to this, that for thy sweet sake should all men fight; and nine wolf whelps I begat on thy body in Lowness, and was the father to them all."

Granmar answers, "Great skill of lying hast thou; yet belike the father of naught at all mayst thou be, since thou wert gelded by the giant's daughters of Thrasness; and lo thou art the stepson of King Siggeir, and were wont to lie abroad in wilds and woods with the kin of wolves; and unlucky was the hand wherewith thou slewest thy brethren making for thyself an exceeding evil name."

Said Sinfjotli, "Mindest thou not then, when thou were stallion Grani's mare, and how I rode thee an amble on Bravoli, and that afterwards thou wert giant Golnir's goat herd?"

Granmar says, "Rather would I feed fowls with the flesh of thee than wrangle any longer with thee."

Then spake King Helgi, "Better were it for ye, and a more manly deed, to fight, rather than to speak such things as it is a shame even to hearken to; Granmar's sons are no friends of me and of mine, yet are they hardy men none the less."

So Granmar rode away to meet King Hodbrod, at a stead called Sunfells, and the horses of the twain were named Sveipud and Sveggjud. The brothers met in the castle-porch, and Granmar told Hodbrod of the war-news. King Hodbrod was clad in a byrny, and had his helm on his head; he asked--

"What men are anigh, why look ye so wrathful?"

Granmar says, "Here are come the Volsungs, and twelve thousand men of them are afloat off the coast, and seven thousand are at the island called Sok, but at the stead called Grindur is the greatest company of all, and now I deem withal that Helgi and his fellowship have good will to give battle."

Then said the king, "Let us send a message through all our realm, and go against them, neither let any who is fain of fight sit idle at home; let us send word to the sons of Ring, and to King Hogni, and to Alf the Old, for they are mighty warriors."

So the hosts met at Wolfstone, and fierce fight befell there;

Helgi rushed forth through the host of his foes, and many a man fell there; at last folk saw a great company of shield-maidens, like burning flames to look on, and there was come Sigrun, the king's daughter. Then King Helgi fell on King Hodbrod, and smote him, and slew him even under his very banner; and Sigrun cried out--

"Have thou thanks for thy so manly deed! Now shall we share the land between us, and a day of great good hap this is to me, and for this deed shalt thou get honour and renown, in that thou hast felled to earth so mighty a king."

So Helgi took to him that realm and dwelt there long, when he had wedded Sigrun, and became a king of great honour and renown, though he has naught more to do with this story.

[1.Valkyrja, "Chooser of the elected." The women were so called whom Odin sent to choose those for death in battle who were to join the "Einherjar" in the hall of the elected, "Val-holl."]


9. Kaptuli

at er sagt, at Helgi finnr ann konung hernai, er Hundingr ht. Hann var rkr konungr ok fjlmennr ok r fyrir lndum. ar tekst orrosta me eim, ok gengr Helgi fast fram, ok lkst me v sj bardagi, at Helgi fr sigr, en Hundingr konungr fellr ok mikill hluti lis hans. N ykkir Helgi hafa vaxit mikit, er hann hefir fellt sv rkan konung. Synir Hundings bja n t her mt Helga ok vilja hefna fur sns.

eir eiga hara orrostu, ok gengr Helgi gegnum fylkingar eira brra ok skir at merkjum sona Hundings konungs ok felldi essa Hundings sonu: lf ok Eyjlf, Hervar ok Hagbar, ok fekk hr gtan sigr.

Ok er Helgi ferr fr orrostu, fann hann vi skg einn konur margar ok viruligar snum, ok bar ein af llum. r riu me gtligum bningi. Helgi spyrr at nafni, er fyrir eim var. En hn nefnist Sigrn ok kvest vera dttir Hgna konungs.

Helgi mlti: "Fari heim me oss, ok veri velkomnar."

segir konungsdttir: "Annat starf liggr fyrir oss en drekka me r."

Helgi svarar: "Hvat er at, konungsdttir?"

Hn svarar: "Hgni konungr hefir heitit mik Hbroddi, syni Granmars konungs, en ek hefi v heitit, at ek vil eigi eiga hann heldr en einn krkuunga. En mun etta fram fara, nema bannir honum ok komir mt honum me her ok nemir mik brott, v at me engum konungi vilda ek heldr str ba en me r."

"Ver kt, konungsdttir," sagi hann.

"Fyrri skulum vit reyna hreysti okkar en sr honum gift, ok reyna skulum vit r, hvrr af rum berr, ok hr skal lfit leggja."

Eptir etta sendir Helgi menn me fgjfum at stefna at sr mnnum ok stefnir llu liinu til Rauabjarga. Bei Helgi ar til ess, er mikill flokkr kom til hans r Heinsey, ok kom til hans mikit li r Nrvasundum me fgrum skipum ok strum. Helgi konungr kallar til sn skipstjrnarmann sinn, er Leifr ht, ok spuri, ef hann hefi talit li eira.

En hann svarar:

"Eigi er hgt at telja, herra, skip au, er komin eru r Nrvasundum. Eru tlf sundir manna, ok er hlfu fleira annat."

mlti Helgi konungr, at eir skyldu sna ann fjr, er heitir Varinsfjrr, ok sv geru eir. N geri at eim storm mikinn ok sv stran sj, at v var lkast at heyra, er bylgjur gnu borunum, sem er bjrgum lysti saman.

Helgi ba ekki ttast ok eigi svipta seglunum, heldr setja hvert hra en r. var vi sjlft, at yfir mundi ganga, r eir kmi at landi. kom ar Sigrn, dttir Hgna konungs, af landi ofan me miklu lii ok snr eim ga hfn, er heitir at Gnpalundi. essi tendi s landsmenn, ok kom af landi ofan brir Hbrodds konungs, er ar r fyrir, er heitir at Svarinshaugi. Hann kallar ok spyrr, hverr stri inu mikla lii. Sinfjtli stendr upp ok hefir hjlm hfi skyggan sem gler ok brynju hvta sem snj, spjt hendi me gtligu merki ok gullrenndan skjld fyrir sr. S kunni at mla vi konunga:

"Seg sv, at hefir gefit svnum ok hundum ok finnr konu na, at hr eru komnir Vlsungar, ok mun hr hittast liinu Helgi konungr, ef Hbroddr vill finna hann, ok er at hans gaman at berjast me frama, mean kyssir ambttir vi eld."

Granmarr svarar: "Eigi muntu kunna margt viruligt mla ok forn minni at segja, er lgr hfingja. Mun hitt sannara, at munt lengi hafa fzt mrkum ti vi vargamat ok drepit brr na, ok er kynligt, er orir at koma her me gum mnnum, er margt kalt hr hefir sogit til bls."

Sinfjtli svarar: "Eigi muntu glggt muna n, er vart vlvan Varinsey ok kvast vilja mann eiga ok kaust mik til ess embttis at vera inn mar. En san vartu valkyrja sgari, ok var vi sjlft, at allir mundu berjast fyrir nar sakar, ok ek gat vi r nu varga Lganesi, ok var ek fair allra."

Granmarr svarar: "Margt kanntu ljga. Ek hygg, at engis fair mttir vera, san vart geldr af dtrum jtunsins rasnesi, ok ertu stjpsonr Siggeirs konungs ok ltt mrkum ti me vrgum, ok kmu r ll hpp senn at hendi. drapt brr na ok gerir ik at illu kunnan."

Sinfjtli svarar: "Hvrt mantu at, er vart merrin me hestinum Grana, ok rei ek r skei Brvelli? San vartu geitasveinn Gaulnis jtuns."

Granmarr segir: "Fyrri vilda ek seja fugla hri nu en deila vi ik lengr."

mlti Helgi konungr: "Betra vri ykkr ok meira snjallri at berjast en mla slkt, er skmm er at heyra, ok ekki eru Granmars synir vinir mnir, en eru eir harir menn." Granmarr rr n brott ok til fundar vi Hbrodd konung, ar sem heita Slfjll. Hestar eira heita Sveipur ok Sveggjur. eir mttust borgarhlii ok segja honum hersgu. Hbroddr konungr var brynju ok hafi hjlm hfi. Hann spyrr, hverir ar vri, -- "ea hv eru r sv reiuligir?"

Granmarr segir: "Hr eru komnir Vlsungar ok hafa tlf sundir manna vi land ok sjau sundir vi ey , er Sk heitir, en ar, sem heitir fyrir Grindum, er mestr fjldi, ok hygg ek n, at Helgi muni n berjast vilja."

Konungr segir: "Gerum bo um allt vrt rki ok skjum mt eim. Siti s engi heima, er berjast vill. Sendum or Hrings sonum ok Hgna konungi ok lfi inum gamla. eir eru bardagamenn miklir."

Fundust eir ar, er heitir Frekasteinn, ok tkst ar hr orrosta.

Helgi gengr fram gegnum fylkingar. ar var mikit mannfall. s eir skjaldmeyjaflokk mikinn, sv sem loga si. ar var Sigrn konungsdttir. Helgi konungr stti mt Hbroddi konungi ok fellir hann undir merkjum. mlti Sigrn:

"Haf kk fyrir etta rekvirki. Skipt mun n lndum. Er mr etta mikill tmadagr, ok muntu f af essu veg ok gti, er hefir sv rkan konung felldan."

at rki tk Helgi konungr ok dvaldist ar lengi ok fekk Sigrnar ok gerist frgr konungr ok gtr, ok er hann hr ekki san vi essa sgu.


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