Chapter 6 - Of how Signy sent the Children of her and Siggeir to Sigmund.

Now whenas Sigmund is loosed and the stocks are broken, he dwells in the woods and holds himself there; but Signy sends yet again to wot of the tidings, whether Sigmund were alive or no; but when those who were sent came to him, he told them all as it had betid, and how things had gone betwixt him and the wolf; so they went home and tell Signy the tidings; but she goes and finds her brother, and they take counsel in such wise as to make a house underground in the wild-wood; and so things go on a while, Signy hiding him there, and sending him such things as he needed; but King Siggeir deemed that all the Volsungs were dead.

Now Siggeir had two sons by his wife, whereof it is told that when the eldest was ten winters old, Signy sends him to Sigmund, so that he might give him help, if he would in any wise strive to avenge his father; so the youngling goes to the wood, and comes late in evening-tide to Sigmund's earth-house; and Sigmund welcomed him in seemly fashion, and said that he should make ready their bread; "But I," said he, "will go seek firewood."

Therewith he gives the meal-bag into his hands while he himself went to fetch firing; but when he came back the youngling had done naught at the bread-making. Then asks Sigmund if the bread be ready--

Says the youngling, "I durst not set hand to the meal sack, because somewhat quick lay in the meal."

Now Sigmund deemed he wotted that the lad was of no such heart as that he would be fain to have him for his fellow; and when he met his sister, Sigmund said that he had come no nigher to the aid of a man though the youngling were with him.

Then said Signy, "Take him and kill him then; for why should such an one live longer?" and even so he did.

So this winter wears, and the next winter Signy sent her next son to Sigmund; and there is no need to make a long tale thereof, for in like wise went all things, and he slew the child by the counsel of Signy.


6. Kaptuli

N er Sigmundr lauss orinn, en brotinn er stokkrinn, ok hefst Sigmundr ar n vi skginum. Enn sendir Sign at vita, hvat ttt er ea hvrt Sigmundr lifir. En er eir koma, segir hann eim allan atbur hv farit hafi me eim ok ylginni. N fara eir heim ok segja Signju, hvat ttt er. Fr hn n ok hittir brur sinn, ok taka au at r, at hann gerir ar jarhs skginum, ok ferr n v fram um hr, at Sign leynir honum ar ok fr honum at, er hann urfti at hafa. En Siggeirr konungr tlar, at eir s allir dauir Vlsungar.

Siggeirr konungr tti tv sonu vi konu sinni, ok er fr v sagt, er inn ellri sonr hans er tu vetra, at Sign sendir hann til mts vi Sigmund, at hann skyldi veita honum li, ef hann vildi nokkut leita vi at hefna fur sns. N ferr sveinninn til skgarins ok kemr s um aptaninn til jarhss Sigmundar, ok tekr hann vi honum vel at hfi ok mlti, at hann skyldi gera til brau eira, "en ek mun skja eldivi, -- ok selr hnd honum einn mjlbelg, en hann ferr sjlfr at skja viinn.

Ok er hann kemr aptr, hefir sveinninn ekki at gert um braugerina. N spyrr Sigmundr, hvrt bit s brauit.

Hann segir: "Eigi ora ek at taka mjlbelginn, fyrir v at ar l nokkut kykt mjlinu."

N ykkist Sigmundr vita, at essi sveinn mun eigi sv vel hugar, at hann vili hann me sr hafa. N er au systkin finnast, segir Sigmundr, at hann tti ekki manni at nr, tt sveinninn vri hj honum.

Sign mlti: "Tak hann ok drep hann. Eigi arf hann lengr at lifa." Ok sv geri hann.

N lr sj vetr. Ok einum vetri sar sendir Sign inn yngra son sinn fund Sigmundar, ok arf ar eigi sgu um at lengja, ok fr sem samt s, at hann drap enna svein at ri Signjar.


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