Völuspá Blog - Matters on Forn Seđr

Forn Seđr "Old Customs", Heritage, Culture and Lore of various Germanic Tribes.

This section of the Völuspá site will cover issues and areas of imporatance and of interest to the preservation, advancement and continuation of the Old Customs of pre-Chrisitan Germainia, Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon England. We do not acknoweldge God / Goddess poceesion, God brides / Goddess Grooms, or the worship of the Rökkr. You will find information on the old customs in honouring the land, the Ćsir, the Vanir, non-Rökkr Jotuns, Alfar and Landvćttr and other Wights. As well as information regarding culture, heritage and incorporating our beliefs into the modern world.


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