1. Of King Gylfi and Gefjon

King Gylfi ruled the land that men now call Sweden. It is told of him that he gave to a wandering woman, in return for her merry-making, a plow-land in his realm, as much as four oxen might turn up in a day and a night. But this woman was of the kin of the sir; she was named Gefjun. She took from the north, out of Jtunheim, four oxen which were the sons of a certain giant and, herself, and set them before the plow. And the plow cut so wide and so deep that it loosened up the land; and the oxen drew the land out into the sea and to the westward, and stopped in a certain sound. There Gefjun set the land, and gave it a name, calling it Selund. And from that time on, the spot whence the land had been torn up is water: it is now called the Lgr in Sweden; and bays lie in that lake even as the headlands in Selund. Thus says Bragi, the ancient skald:

Gefjun drew from Gylfi | gladly the wave-trove's free-hold,
Till from the running beasts | sweat reeked, to Denmark's increase;
The oxen bore, moreover, | eight eyes, gleaming brow-lights,
O'er the field's wide: booty, | and four heads in their plowing.

2. Gylfi came to Asgard

King Gylfi was a wise man and skilled in magic; he was much troubled that the sir-people were so cunning that all things went according to their will. He pondered whether this might proceed from their own nature, or whether the divine powers which they worshipped might ordain such things. He set out on his way to sgard, going secretly, and- clad himself in the likeness of an old man, with which he dissembled. But the sir were wiser in this matter, having second sight; and they saw his journeying before ever he came, and prepared against him deceptions of the eye. When he came into the town, he saw there a hall so high that he could not easily make out the top of it: its thatching was laid with golden shields after the fashion of a shingled roof. So also says Thjdlfr of Hvin, that Valhall was thatched with shields:

On their backs they let beam, | sore battered with stones,
Odin's hall-shingles, | the shrewd sea-farers.

In the hall-doorway Gylfi saw a man juggling with handaxes, having seven in the air at one time. This man asked of him his name. He called himself Gangleri, and said he had come by the paths of the serpent, and prayed for lodging for the night, asking: "Who owns the hall?" The other replied that it was their king; "and I will attend thee to see him; then shalt thou thyself ask him concerning his; name;" and the man wheeled about before him into the hall, and he went after, and straightway the door closed itself on his heels. There he saw a great room and much people, some with games, some drinking; and some had weapons and were fighting. Then he looked about him, and thought unbelievable many things which he saw; and he said:

All the gateways | ere one goes out should one scan:
For 't is uncertain | where sit the unfriendly on the bench before thee.

He saw three high-seats, each above the other, and three men sat thereon,one on each. And he asked what might be the name of those lords. He who had conducted him in answered that the one who, sat on the nethermost high-seat was a king, "and his name is Hrr;1 but the next is named Jafnhrr;2 and he who is uppermost is called Thridi."3 Then Hrr asked the newcomer whether his errand were more than for the meat and drink which were always at his command, as for every one there in the Hall of the High One. He answered that he first desired to learn whether there were any wise man there within. Hrr said, that he should not escape whole from thence unless he were wiser.

And stand thou forth | who speirest; Who answers, | he shall sit.

3. Concerning the Allfather, foremost of the gods

Gangleri began his questioning thus: "Who is foremost, or oldest, of all the gods?" Hrr answered: "He is called in our speech Allfather, but in the Elder sgard he had twelve names: one is Allfather; the second is Lord, or Lord of Hosts; the third is Nikarr, or Spear-Lord; the fourth is Nikudr, or Striker; the fifth is Knower of Many Things; the sixth, Fulfiller of Wishes; the seventh, Far-Speaking One; the eighth, The Shaker, or He that Putteth the Armies to Flight; the ninth, The Burner; the tenth, The Destroyer; the eleventh, The Protector; the twelfth, Gelding."

Then asked Gangleri: "Where is this god, or what power hath he, or what hath he wrought that is a glorious deed?" Hrr made answer: "He lives throughout all ages and governs all his realm, and directs all things, great and small." Then said Jafnhrr: "He fashioned heaven and earth and air, and all things which are in them." Then spake Thridi: "The greatest of all is this: that he made man, and gave him the spirit, which shall live and never perish, though the flesh-frame rot to mould, or burn to ashes; and all men shall live, such as are just in action, and be with himself in the place called Giml. But evil men go to Hel and thence down to the Misty Hel; and that is down in the ninth world." Then said Gangleri: "What did he before heaven and earth were made?" And Hrr answered: "He was then with the Rime-Giants."

4. Of Niflheim and Mspell

Gangleri said: "What was the beginning, or how began it, or what was before it?" Hrr answered: "As is told in Vlusp:

Erst was the age | when nothing was:
Nor sand nor sea, | nor chilling stream-waves;
Earth was not found, | nor Ether-Heaven,--
A Yawning Gap, | but grass was none."

Then said Jafnhrr: "It was many ages before the earth was shaped that the Mist-World was made; and midmost within it lies the well that is called Hvergelmir, from which spring the rivers called Svl, Gunnthr, Fjrm, Fimbulthul, Sldr and Hrd, Sylgr and Ylgr, Vd, Leiptr; Gjll is hard by Hel-gates." And Thridi said: "Yet first was the world in the southern region, which was named Mspell; it is light and hot; that region is glowing and burning, and impassable to such as are outlanders and have not their holdings there. He who sits there at the land's-end, to defend the land, is called Surtr; he brandishes a flaming sword, and at the end of the world he shall go forth and harry, and overcome all the gods, and burn all the world with fire; thus is said in Vlusp:

Surtr fares from the south | with switch-eating flame,-- On his sword shimmers | the sun of the War-Gods; The rock-crags crash; | the fiends are reeling; Heroes tread Hel-way; | Heaven is cloven."

5. The origin of Ymir and the frost giants

Gangleri asked: "How were things wrought, ere the races were and the tribes of men increased?" Then said Hrr: "The streams called Ice-waves, those which were so long come from the fountain-heads that the yeasty venom upon them had hardened like the slag that runs out of the fire,--these then became ice; and when the ice halted and ceased to run, then it froze over above. But the drizzling rain that rose from the venom congealed to rime, and the rime increased, frost over frost, each over the other, even into Ginnungagap, the Yawning Void." Then spake Jafnhrr: "Ginnungagap, which faced toward the northern quarter, became filled with heaviness, and masses of ice and rime, and from within, drizzling rain and gusts; but the southern part of the Yawning Void was lighted by those sparks and glowing masses which flew out of Mspellheim." And Thridi said: "Just as cold arose out of Niflheim, and all terrible things, so also all that looked toward Mspellheim became hot and glowing; but Ginnungagap was as mild as windless air, and when the breath of heat met the rime, so that it melted and dripped, life was quickened from the yeast-drops, by the power of that which sent the heat, and became a man's form. And that man is named Ymir, but the Rime-Giants call him Aurgelimir; and thence are come the races of the Rime-Giants, as it says in Vlusp the Less:

All the witches | spring from Witolf,
All the warlocks | are of Willharm,
And the spell-singers | spring from Swarthead;
All the ogres | of Ymir come.

But concerning this says Vafthrdnir the giant:

Out of the Ice-waves | issued venom-drops,
Waxing until | a giant was;
Thence are our kindred | come all together,--
So it is | they are savage forever."

Then said Gangleri: "How did the races grow thence, or after what fashion was it brought to pass that more men came into being? Or do ye hold him God, of whom ye but now spake?" And Jafnhrr answered: "By no means do we acknowledge him God; he was evil and all his kindred: we call them Rime-Giants. Now it is said that when he slept, a sweat came upon him, and there grew under his left hand a man and a woman, and one of his feet begat a son with the other; and thus the races are come; these are the Rime-Giants. The old Rime-Giant, him we call Ymir."

6. Of Auhumbla and the origin of inn

Then said Gangleri: "Where dwelt Ymir, or wherein did he find sustenance?" Hrr answered: "Straightway after the rime dripped, there sprang from it the cow called Audumla; four streams of milk ran from her udders, and she nourished Ymir." Then asked Gangleri: "Wherewithal was the cow nourished?" And Hrr made answer:

"She licked the ice-blocks, which were salty; and the first day that she licked the blocks, there came forth from the blocks in the evening a man's hair; the second day, a man's head; the third day the whole man was there. He is named Bri: he was fair of feature, great and mighty. He begat a son called Borr, who wedded the woman named Bestla, daughter of Blthorn the giant; and they had three sons: one was Odin, the second Vili, the third V. And this is my belief, that he, Odin, with his brothers, must be ruler of heaven and earth; we hold that he must be so called; so is that man called whom we know to be mightiest and most worthy of honor, and ye do well to let him be so called."

7. The Slaying of Ymir and about Bergelmir

Then said Gangleri: "What covenant was between them, or which was the stronger?" And Hrr answered: "The sons of Borr slew Ymir the giant; lo, where he fell there gushed forth so much blood out of his wounds that with it they drowned all the race of the Rime-Giants, save that one, whom giants call Bergelmir, escaped with his household; he went upon his ship,4 and his wife with him, and they were safe there. And from them are come the races of the Rime-Giants, as is said here:

Untold ages | ere earth was shapen,
Then was Bergelmir born;
That first I recall, | how the famous wise giant
On the deck of the ship was laid down."

8. The Sons of Bor created earth and heaven

Then said Gangleri: "What was done then by Borr's sons, if thou believe that they be gods?" Hrr replied: "In this matter there is no little to be said. They took Ymir and bore him into the middle of the Yawning Void, and made of him the earth: of his blood the sea and the waters; the land was made of his flesh, and the crags of his bones; gravel and stones they fashioned from his teeth and his grinders and from those bones that were broken." And Jafnhrr said: "Of the blood, which ran and welled forth freely out of his wounds, they made the sea, when they had formed and made firm the earth together, and laid the sea in a ring round about her; and it may well seem a hard thing to most men to cross over it." Then said Thridi: "They took his skull also, and made of it the heaven, and set it up over the earth with four corners; and under each corner they set a dwarf: the names of these are East, West, North, and South. Then they took the glowing embers and sparks that burst forth and had been cast out of Mspellheim, and set them in the midst of the Yawning Void, in the heaven, both above and below, to illumine heaven and earth. They assigned places to all fires: to some in heaven, some wandered free under the heavens; nevertheless, to these also they gave a place, and shaped them courses. It is said in old songs, that from these the days were reckoned, and the tale of years told, as is said in Vlusp:

The sun knew not | where she had housing;
The moon knew not | what Might he had;
The stars knew not | where stood their places.
Thus was it ere | the earth was fashioned."

Then said Gangleri: These are great tidings which I now hear; that is a wondrous great piece of craftsmanship, and cunningly made. How was the earth contrived?" And Hrr answered: "She is ring-shaped without, and round about her without lieth the deep sea; and along the strand of that sea they gave lands to the races of giants for habitation. But on the inner earth they made a citadel round about the world against the hostility of the giants, and for their citadel they raised up the brows of Ymir the giant, and called that place Midgard. They took also his brain and cast it in the air, and made from it the clouds, as is here said:

Of Ymir's flesh | the earth was fashioned,
And of his sweat the sea;
Crags of his bones, | trees of his hair,
And of his skull the sky.
Then of his brows | the blithe gods made
Midgard for sons of men;
And of his brain | the bitter-mooded
Clouds were all created."

9. The Sons of Bor created Askr and Embla

Then said Gangleri: "Much indeed they had accomplished then, methinks, when earth and heaven were made, and the sun and the constellations of heaven were fixed, and division was made of days; now whence come the men that people the world?" And Hrr answered: 'When the sons of Borr were walking along the sea-strand, they found two trees, and took up the trees and shaped men of them: the first gave them spirit and life; the second, wit and feeling; the third, form, speech, hearing, and sight. They gave them clothing and names: the male was called Askr, and the female Embla, and of them was mankind begotten, which received a dwelling-place under Midgard. Next they made for themselves in the middle of the world a city which is called sgard; men call it Troy. There dwelt the gods and their kindred; and many tidings and tales of it have come to pass both on earth and aloft. There is one abode called Hlidskjlf, and when Allfather sat in the high-seat there, he looked out over the whole world and saw every man's acts, and knew all things which he saw. His wife was called Frigg daughter of Fjrgvinn; and of their blood is come that kindred which we call the races of the sir, that have peopled the Elder sgard, and those kingdoms which pertain to it; and that is a divine race. For this reason must he be called Allfather: because he is father of all the gods and of men, and of all that was fulfilled of him and of his might. The Earth was his daughter and his wife; on her he begot the first son, which is sa-Thor: strength and prowess attend him, wherewith he overcometh all living things.

10. The arrival of Dagr and Ntt

"Nrfi or Narfi is the name of a giant that dwelt in Jtunheim: he had a daughter called Night; she was swarthy and dark, as befitted her race. She was given to the man named Naglfari; their son was Audr. Afterward she was wedded to him that was called Annarr; Jrd5 was their daughter. Last of all Dayspring had her, and he was of the race of the sir; their son was Day: he was radiant and fair after his father. Then Allfather took Night, and Day her son, and gave to them two horses and two chariots, and sent them up into the heavens, to ride round about the earth every two half-days. Night rides before with the horse named Frosty-Mane, and on each morning he bedews the earth with the foam from his bit. The horse that Day has is called Sheen-Mane, and he illumines all the air and the earth from his mane."

[1. High

2. Equally High

3. Third

4. Literally, mill-bench or mortar.

5. Earth]


1. Fr Gylfa konungi ok Gefjuni.

Gylfi konungr r ar lndum er n heitir Svj. Fr honum er at sagt at hann gaf einni farandi konu at launum skemmtunar sinnar eitt plgsland rki snu at er fjrir xn drgi upp dag ok ntt. En s kona var ein af sa tt, hon er nefnd Gefjun. Hon tk fjra xn noran r Jtunheimum, en at vru synir jtuns nkkurs ok hennar, ok setti fyrir plg, en plgrinn gekk sv breitt ok djpt at upp leysti landit, ok drgu xnirnir at land t hafit ok vestr ok nmu staar sundi nkkuru. ar setti Gefjun landit ok gaf nafn ok kallai Selund. Ok ar sem landit hafi upp gengit var ar eftir vatn. at er n Lgrinn kallar Svj, ok liggja sv vkr Leginum sem nes Selundi. Sv segir Bragi skld gamli:

1. Gefjun dr fr Gylfa
gl djprul la,
sv at af rennirauknum
rauk, Danmarkar auka.
Bru xn ok tta
ennitungl, ars gengu
fyrir vineyjar vri
valrauf, fjgur hfu.

2. Gylfi kom til sgars.

Gylfi konungr var mar vitr ok fjlkunnigr. Hann undraist at mjk, er saflk var sv kunnigt, at allir hlutir gengu at vilja eira. at hugsai hann, hvrt at myndi vera af eli sjlfra eira ea myndi v valda gomgn au, er eir bltuu. Hann byrjai fer sna til sgars ok fr me leyn ok br sik gamals manns lki ok dulist sv. En sir vru v vsari, at eir hfu spdm, ok s eir fer hans, fyrr en hann kom, ok geru mti honum sjnhverfingar. Ok er hann kom inn borgina, s hann ar hva hll, sv at varla mtti hann sj yfir hana. ak hennar var lagt gylldum skjldum sv sem spnak. Sv segir jlfr inn hvinverski, at Valhll var skjldum k:

2. baki ltu blkja,
barir vru grjti,
Svfnis salnfrar
seggir hyggjandi.

Gylfi s mann hallardurum, ok lk at handsxum ok hafi sjau senn lofti. S spuri hann fyrr at nafni. Hann nefndist Gangleri ok kominn af refilstigum ok beiddist at skja til nttstaar ok spuri, hverr hllina tti.

Hann svarar, at at var konungr eira, --"en fylgja m ek r at sj hann. Skaltu sjlfr spyrja hann nafns," -- ok snerist s mar fyrir honum inn hllina, en hann gekk eftir, ok egar laukst hurin hla honum.

ar s hann mrg glf ok margt flk, sumt me leikum, sumir drukku, sumir me vpnum ok brust. litaist hann umb ok tti margir hlutir trligir, eir er hann s. mlti hann:

3. Gttir allar,
r gangi fram,
um skyggnask skyli,
v at vst er at vita
hvar vinir sitja
fleti fyrir.

Hann s rj hsti ok hvert upp fr ru, ok stu rr menn sinn hverju. spuri hann, hvert nafn hfingja eira vri.

S svarar, er hann leiddi inn, at s, er inu nesta hsti sat, var konungr -- "ok heitir Hrr, en ar nst s, er heitir Jafnhrr, en s ofast, er rii heitir."

spyrr Hrr komandann, hvrt fleira er erendi hans, en heimill er matr ok drykkr honum sem llum ar Hva hll. Hann segir, at fyrst vill hann spyrja, ef nokkurr er frr mar inni.

Hrr segir, at hann komi eigi heill t, nema hann s frari, --

4. "ok stattu fram,
mean fregn;
sitja skal s, er segir."

3. Um Alfr, stan goa.

Gangleri hf sv ml sitt: "Hverr er str ea elztr allra

Hrr segir: "S heitir Alfr at vru mli, en sgari inum forna tti hann tlf nfn. Eitt er Alfr, annat er Herran ea Herjan, rija er Nikarr ea Hnikarr, fjra er Nikur ea Hnikur, fimmta Fjlnir, stta ski, sjaunda mi, tta Biflii ea Biflindi, nunda Sviurr, tunda Svirir, ellifta Virir, tlfta Jlg ea Jlkr."

spyrr Gangleri: "Hvar er s gu, ea hvat m hann, ea hvat hefir hann unnit framaverka?"

Hrr segir: "Lifir hann of allar aldir ok stjrnar llu rki snu ok rr llum hlutum, strum ok smm."

mlir Jafnhrr: "Hann smai himin ok jr ok loftin ok alla eign eira."

mlti rii: "Hitt er mest, er hann geri manninn ok gaf honum nd , er lifa skal ok aldri tnast, tt lkaminn fni at moldu ea brenni at sku, ok skulu allir menn lifa, eir er rtt eru siair, ok vera me honum sjlfum ar sem heitir Giml ea Vinglf, en vndir menn fara til Heljar ok aan Niflhel. at er nir inn nunda heim."

mlti Gangleri: "Hvat hafist hann r at en himinn ok jr vri ger?"

svarar Hrr: " var hann me hrmursum."

4. Fr Niflheimi ok Mspelli.

Gangleri mlti: "Hvat var upphaf ea hversu hfst, ea hvat var r?"

Hrr svarar: "Sv sem segir Vlusp:

5. r var alda,
at er ekki var,
var-a sandr n sr
n svalar unnir;
jr fannsk eigi
n upphiminn,
gap var Ginnunga,
en gras ekki."

mlti Jafnhrr: "Fyrr var at mrgum ldum en jr var skpu er Niflheimr var gerr, ok honum mijum liggr brur s, er Hvergelmir heitir, ok aan af falla r r, er sv heita: Svl, Gunnr, Fjrm, Fimbulul, Slr ok Hr, Sylgr ok Ylgr, V, Leiftr. Gjll er nst Helgrindum."

mlti rii: "Fyrst var s heimr surhlfu, er Mspell heitir. Hann er ljss ok heitr. S tt er logandi ok brennandi. Er hann ok frr eim, er ar eru tlendir ok eigi eigu ar ul. S er Surtr nefndr, er ar sitr landsenda til landvarnar. Hann hefir loganda sver, ok enda veraldar mun hann fara ok herja ok sigra ll goin ok brenna allan heim me eldi. Sv segir Vlusp:

6. Surtr ferr sunnan
me sviga lvi,
sknn af sveri
sl valtva;
grjtbjrg gnata,
en gfr rata,
troa halir helveg,
en himinn klofnar."

5. Upphaf Ymis ok hrmursa.

Gangleri mlti: "Hversu skipaist, r en ttirnar yri ea aukaist mannflkit?"

mlti Hrr: "r r, er kallaar eru livgar, er r vru sv langt komnar fr uppsprettum, at eitrkvika s, er ar fylgi, harnai sv sem sindr at, er renn r eldinum, var at ss. Ok er s ss gaf staar ok rann eigi, hli yfir annig, en r at, er af st eitrinu, fraus at hrmi, ok jk hrmit hvert yfir annat allt Ginnungagap."

mlti Jafnhrr: "Ginnungagap, at er vissi til norrttar, fylltist me unga ok hfugleik ss ok hrms ok inn fr r ok gustr, en inn syri hlutr Ginnungagaps lttist mt gneistum ok sum eim, er flugu r Mspellsheimi."

mlti rii: "Sv sem kalt st af Niflheimi ok allir hlutir grimmir, sv var allt at, er vissi nmunda Mspelli, heitt ok ljst, en Ginnungagap var sv hltt sem loft vindlaust. Ok er mttist hrmin ok blr hitans, sv at brnai ok draup, ok af eim kvikudropum kviknai me krafti ess, er til sendi hitann, ok var manns lkandi, ok var s nefndr Ymir, en hrmursar kalla hann Aurgelmi, ok eru aan komnar ttir hrmursa, sv sem segir Vlusp inni skmmu:

7. Eru vlur allar
fr Violfi,
vitkar allir
fr Vilmeii,
en seiberendr
fr Svarthfa,
jtnar allir
fr Ymi komnir.

En hr segir sv Vafrnir jtunn:

8. r livgum
stukku eitrdropar
ok x, unz r var jtunn;
ar rar ttir
kmu allar saman;
v er at allt til atalt."

mlti Gangleri: "Hvernig xu ttir aan ea skapaist sv, at fleiri menn uru, ea trir ann gu, er n sagir fr?"

svarar Hrr: "Fyr engan mun jtum vr hann gu. Hann er illr ok allir hans ttmenn. kllum vr hrmursa. En sv er sagt, at er hann svaf, fekk hann sveita. x undir vinstri hendi honum mar ok kona, ok annarr ftr hans gat son vi rum, en aan af kmu ttir. at eru hrmursar. Inn gamli hrmurs, hann kllum vr Ymi."

6. Fr Auhumlu ok upphafi ins.

mlti Gangleri: "Hvar byggi Ymir, ea vi hvat lifi hann?"

Hrr svarar: "Nst var at, er hrmit draup, at ar var af kr s, er Auhumla ht, en fjrar mjlkr runnu r spenum hennar, ok fddi hon Ymi."

mlti Gangleri: "Vi hvat fddist krin?"

Hrr svarar: "Hon sleiki hrmsteinana, er saltir vru, ok inn fyrsta dag, er hon sleiki steinana, kom r steininum at kveldi manns hr, annan dag manns hfu, rija dag var ar allr mar. S er nefndr Bri. Hann var fagr litum, mikill ok mttugr. Hann gat son ann, er Borr ht, hann fekk eirar konu, er Bestla ht, dttir Blorns jtuns, ok fengu au rj sonu. Ht einn inn, annarr Vili, rii V, ok at er mn tra, at s inn ok hans brr munu vera strandi himins ok jarar. at tlum vr, at hann myni sv heita. Sv heitir s mar, er vr vitum mestan ok gztan, ok vel megu r hann lta sv heita."

7. Drp Ymis ok fr Bergelmi.

mlti Gangleri: "Hvat var um eira stt, ea hvrir vru rkari?"

svarar Hrr: "Synir Bors drpu Ymi jtun, en er hann fll, hljp sv mikit bl r srum hans, at me v drekku eir allri tt hrmursa, nema einn komst undan me snu hski. Hann kalla jtnar Bergelmi. Hann fr upp lr sinn ok kona hans ok helzt ar, ok eru af eim komnar hrmursa ttir, sv sem hr segir:

9. rfi vetra
r vri jr of skpu,
var Bergelmir borinn;
at ek fyrst of man,
er s inn fri jtunn
var lr of lagir."

8. Borssynir skpu jr ok himinn.

segir Gangleri: "Hvat hfust at Bors synir, ef trir at eir s go?"

Hrr segir: "Eigi er ar ltit af at segja. eir tku Ymi ok fluttu mitt Ginnungagap ok geru af honum jrina, af bli hans sinn ok vtnin. Jrin var ger af holdinu, en bjrgin af beinunum. Grjt ok urir geru eir af tnnum ok jxlum ok af eim beinum, er brotin vru."

mlti Jafnhrr: "Af v bli, er r srum rann ok laust fr, ar af geru eir sj, ann er eir geru ok festu saman jrina ok lgu ann sj hring tan um hana, ok mun at flestum manni fra ykkja at komast ar yfir."

mlti rii: "Tku eir ok haus hans ok geru ar af himin ok settu hann upp yfir jrina me fjrum skautum, ok undir hvert horn settu eir dverg. eir heita sv: Austri, Vestri, Norri, Suri. tku eir sur ok gneista , er lausir fru ok kastat hafi r Mspellsheimi, ok settu mitt Ginnungap himin bi ofan ok nean til at lsa himin ok jr. eir gfu staar llum eldingum, sumum himni, sumar fru lausar undir himni, ok settu eim sta ok skipuu gngu eim. Sv er sagt fornum vsendum, at aan af vru dgr greind ok ratal. Sv sem segir Vlusp:

10. Sl at n vissi,
hvar hon sali tti,
mni at n vissi,
hvat hann megins tti,
stjrnur at n vissu,
hvar r stai ttu.

Sv var r en etta vri."

mlti Gangleri: "etta eru mikil tendi, er n heyri ek. Furumikil sm er at ok hagliga ger. Hvernig var jrin httu?"

svarar Hrr: "Hon er kringltt tan, ok ar tan um liggr inn djpi sjr, ok me eiri sjvarstrndu gfu eir lnd til byggar jtna ttum. En fyrir innan jrunni geru eir borg umhverfis heim fyrir frii jtna, en til eirar borgar hfu eir brr Ymis jtuns ok klluu borg Migar. eir tku ok heila hans ok kstuu loft ok geru af skin, sv sem hr segir:

11. r Ymis holdi
var jr of skpu,
en r sveita sr,
bjrg r beinum,
bamr r hri,
en r hausi himinn.

En r hans brm
geru bl regin
Migar manna sonum,
en r hans heila
vru au in harmgu
sk ll af skpu."

9. Borssynir skpu Ask ok Emblu.

mlti Gangleri: "Mikit tti mr eir hafa snit til leiar, er jr ok himinn var gert ok sl ok himintungl vru sett ok skipt dgrum, ok hvaan kmu mennirnir, eir er heim byggja?"

mlti Hrr: " er eir gengu me svarstrndu Borssynir, fundu eir tr tvau ok tku upp trn ok skpuu af menn. Gaf inn fyrsti nd ok lf, annarr vit ok hrring, rii sjnu, ml ok heyrn ok sjn, gfu eim kli ok nfn. Ht karlmarinn Askr, en konan Embla, ok lst aan af mannkindin, s er byggin var gefinn undir Migari. ar nst geru eir sr borg mijum heimi, er kllu er sgarr. at kllum vr Trja. ar byggu goin ok ttir eira, ok gerust aan af mrg tendi ok greinir bi jru ok lofti. ar er einn star, er Hliskjlf heitir, ok er inn settist ar hsti, s hann of alla heima ok hvers manns athfi ok vissi alla hluti, er hann s. Kona hans ht Frigg Fjrgvinsdttir, ok af eira tt er s kynsl komin, er vr kllum sa ttir, er byggt hafa sgar inn forna ok au rki, er ar liggja til, ok er at allt gokunnug tt. Ok fyrir v m hann heita Alfr, at hann er fair allra goanna ok manna ok alls ess, er af honum ok hans krafti var fullgert. Jrin var dttir hans ok kona hans. Af henni geri hann inn fyrsta soninn, en at er sa-rr. Honum fylgi afl ok sterkleikr. ar af sigrar hann ll kvikvendi.

10. Tilkvma Dags ok Ntr.

Nrfi ea Narfi ht jtunn, er byggi Jtunheimum. Hann tti dttur, er Ntt ht. Hon var svrt ok dkk, sem hon tti tt til. Hon var gift eim manni, er Naglfari ht. eira sonr ht Aur. v nst var hon gift eim, er narr ht. Jr ht eira dttir. Sast tti hana Dellingr, ok var hann sa ttar. Var eira sonr Dagr. Var hann ljss ok fagr eftir faerni snu. tk Alfr Ntt ok Dag, son hennar, ok gaf eim tv hesta ok tvr kerrur ok sendi au upp himin, at au skulu ra hverjum tveim dgrum umhverfis jrina. Rr Ntt fyrri eim hesti, er kallar er Hrmfaxi, ok at morgni hverjum dggvir hann jrina af mldropum snum. S hestr, er Dagr , heitir Skinfaxi, ok lsir allt loft ok jrina af faxi hans."


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