26. Thence went Rig, | his road was straight,
A hall he saw, | the doors faced south;
The portal stood wide, | on the posts was a ring,
Then in he fared; | the floor was strewn.

27. Within two gazed | in each other's eyes,
Fathir and Mothir, | and played with their fingers;
There sat the house-lord, | wound strings for the bow,
Shafts he fashioned, | and bows he shaped.

28. The lady sat, | at her arms she looked,
She smoothed the cloth, | and fitted the sleeves;
Gay was her cap, | on her breast were clasps,
Broad was her train, | of blue was her gown,
Her brows were bright, | her breast was shining,
Whiter her neck | than new-fallen snow.

29. Rig knew | well wise words to speak,
Soon in the midst | of the room he sat,
And on either side | the others were.

30. Then Mothir brought | a broidered cloth,
Of linen bright, | and the board she covered;
And then she took | the loaves so thin,
And laid them, white | from the wheat, on the cloth.

[26. Many editors make a stanza out of line 4 and lines 1-2 of the following stanza. Strewn: with fresh straw in preparation for a feast; cf. Thrymskvitha, 22.

27. Fathir and Mothir: Father and Mother. Perhaps lines 3-4 should form a stanza with 28, 1-3.

28. Bugge thinks lines 5-6, like 23, 4, got in here from the lost stanzas describing Kon's bride and his marriage.]


26. Gekk Rígr ţađan réttar brautir;
kom hann at sal, suđr horfđu dyrr,
var hurđ hnigin, hringr var í gćtti.

27. Gekk hann inn at ţat, golf var stráat;
sátu hjón, sáusk í augu,
Fađir ok Móđir, fingrum at leika.

28. Sat húsgumi ok sneri streng,
alm of bendi, örvar skefti;
en húskona hugđi at örmum,
strauk of rifti, sterti ermar.

29. Keisti fald, kinga var á bringu,
síđar slćđur, serk bláfáan;
brún bjartari, brjóst ljósara,
hals hvítari hreinni mjöllu.

30. Rígr kunni ţeim ráđ at segja;
meir settisk hann miđra fletja,
en á hliđ hvára hjón salkynna.


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