Freyja spake:
31. "False is thy tongue, | and soon shalt thou find
That it sings thee an evil song;
The gods are wroth, | and the goddesses all,
And in grief shalt thou homeward go."

Loki spake:
32. "Be silent, Freyja! | thou foulest witch,
And steeped full sore in sin;
In the arms of thy brother | the bright gods caught thee
When Freyja her wind set free."

Njorth spake:
33. "Small ill does it work | though a woman may have
A lord or a lover or both;
But a wonder it is | that this womanish god
Comes hither, though babes he has borne."

Loki spake:
34. "Be silent, Njorth; | thou wast eastward sent,
To the gods as a hostage given;
And the daughters of Hymir | their privy had
When use did they make of thy mouth."

Njorth spake:
35. "Great was my gain, | though long was I gone,
To the gods as a hostage given;
The son did I have | whom no man hates,
And foremost of gods is found."

[32. Before each of stanzas 32-42 the manuscript indicates the speaker, through the initial letter of the name written in the margin. Thy brother: Freyr; there is no other indication that such a relation existed between these two, but they themselves were the product of such a union; cf. stanza 36 and note.

33. Njorth: father of Freyr and Freyja, and given by the Wanes as a hostage, in exchange for Hnir, at the close of the first war; Cf. Voluspo, 21 and note, also Skirnismol, introductory prose and note. Babes: cf. stanza 23 and note. Bugge suggests that this clause may have been a late insertion.

34. Daughters of Hymir: we have no clue to who these were, though Hymir is doubtless the frost-giant of the Hymiskvitha (q.v.). Loki's point is that Njorth is not a god, but the product of an inferior race (the Wanes).

35. The son: Freyr.]


Freyja kva:
31. "Fl er r tunga, hygg ek, at r fremr myni
gtt of gala;
reiir ro r sir ok synjur,
hryggr muntu heim fara."

Loki kva:
32. "egi , Freyja, ert forda
ok meini blandin mjk, sz ik at brr num
stu bl regin ok myndir , Freyja, frata."

Njrr kva:
33. "at er vltit, tt sr varir
vers fi, hs ea hvrs;
hitt er undr, er ss ragr er hr inn of kominn
ok hefir s brn of borit."

Loki kva:
34. "egi , Njrr, vart austr hean
gls of sendr at goum;
Hymis meyjar hfu ik at hlandtrogi
ok r i munn migu."

Njrr kva:
35. "S erumk lkn, er ek vark langt hean
gsl of sendr at goum, ek mg gat,
ann er mangi fr, ok ykkir s sa jaarr."


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