Thor spake:

6. "May we win, dost thou think, | this whirler of water?"

Tyr spake:

"Aye, friend, we can, | if cunning we are."

7. Forward that day | with speed they fared,
From Asgarth came they | to Egil's home;
The goats with horns | bedecked he guarded;
Then they sped to the hall | where Hymir dwelt.

8. The youth found his grandam, | that greatly he loathed,
And full nine hundred | heads she had;
But the other fair | with gold came forth,
And the bright-browed one | brought beer to her son.

9. "Kinsman of giants, | beneath the kettle
Will I set ye both, | ye heroes bold;
For many a time | my dear-loved mate
To guests is wrathful | and grim of mind."

10. Late to his home | the misshapen Hymir,
The giant harsh, | from his hunting came;
The icicles rattled | as in he came,
For the fellow's chin-forest | frozen was.

[* Bellows has changed the way he did his footnotes, the number on the footnote reflects the stanza number.

6. Neither manuscript has any superscriptions, but most editors have supplied them as above. From this point through stanza it the editors have varied considerably in grouping the lines into stanzas. The manuscripts indicate the third lines of stanzas 7, 8, 9, and to as beginning stanzas, but this makes more complications than the present arrangement. It is possible that, as Sijmons suggests, two lines have been lost after stanza 6.

7. Egil: possibly, though by no means certainly, the father of Thor's servant, Thjalfi, for, according to Snorri, Thor's first stop on this journey was at the house of a peasant whose children, Thjalfi and Roskva, he took into his service; cf. stanza 38, note. The Arnamagnćan Codex has "Ćgir" instead of "Egil," but, aside from the fact that Thor had just left Ćgir's house, the sea-god can hardly have been spoken of as a goat-herd.

8. The youth: Tyr, whose extraordinary grandmother is Hymir's mother. We know nothing further of her, or of the other, who is Hymir's wife and Tyr's mother. It may be guessed, however, that she belonged rather to the race of the gods than to that of the giants.]


Ţórr kvađ:

6. "Veiztu ef ţiggjum ţann lögvelli?"

Týr kvađ:

"Ef, vinr, vélar vit gervum til."

7. Fóru drjúgum dag ţann fram
Ásgarđi frá, unz til Egils kvámu;
hirđi hann hafra horngöfgasta;
hurfu at höllu, er Hymir átti.

8. Mögr fann ömmu mjök leiđa sér,
hafđi höfđa hundruđ níu,
en önnur gekk algullin fram
brúnhvít bera bjórveig syni:

9. "Áttniđr jötna, ek viljak ykkr
hugfulla tvá und hvera setja;
er minn fríi mörgu sinni
glöggr viđ gesti, görr ills hugar."

10. En váskapađr varđ síđbúinn
harđráđr Hymir heim af veiđum,
gekk inn í sal, glumđu jöklar,
var karls, en kom, kinnskógr frörinn.


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