Helgi spake:

31. At evening there | in Unavagar
Floated the fleet | bedecked full fair;
But they who saw | from Svarin's hill,
Bitter at heart | the host beheld.

32. Then Gothmund asked, | goodly of birth,
. . . . . . . . . .
"Who is the monarch | who guides the host,
And to the land | the warriors leads?"

33. Sinfjotli answered, | and up on an oar
Raised a shield all red | with golden rim;
A sea-sentry was he, | skilled to speak,
And in words with princes | well to strive.

34. "Say tonight | when you feed the swine,
And send your bitches | to seek their swill,
That out of the East | have the Ylfings come,
Greedy for battle, | to Gnipalund."

35. "There will Hothbrodd | Helgi find,
In the midst of the fleet, | and flight he scorns;
Often has he | the eagles gorged,
Whilst thou at the quern | wert slave-girls kissing."

[31. Unavagar: "Friendly Waves." Svarin's hill: the hill where Granmar had his dwelling.

32. Here begins the long dialogue between Gothmund, one of Gramnar's sons, and Sinfjotli, Helgi's half-brother. Two lines (stanza 32, lines 3-4) are quoted by the annotator in the prose note following stanza 16 of the second Helgi Hundingsbane lay, and the dialogue, in much abbreviated form, together with Helgi's admonition to Sinfjotli to cease talking, is closely paralleled in stanzas 21-26 of that poem. It has been suggested that this whole passage (stanzas 32-47) is an interpolation, perhaps from "the Old Volsung lay." This may be, but it seems more probable that the poet used an older poem simply as the basis for this passage, borrowing a little but making up a great deal more. The manuscript indicates no gap in stanza 32.

33. Sinfjotli: cf. note on stanza 6. Red: raising a red shield was the signal for war.

34. Ylfings: cf. stanza 5 and note.

35. Quern: turning the hand mill was, throughout antiquity, the task of slaves.]


Helgi kvađ:

31. Sat ţar um aftan í Unavágum,
flaust fagrbúin fljóta knáttu;
en ţeir sjalfir frá Svarinshaugi
međ hermđar hug her könnuđu.

32. Frá góđborinn Gođmundr at ţví:
"Hverr er landreki, sá er liđi stýrir
ok hann feiknaliđ fćrir at landi?"

33. Sinfjötli kvađ - slöng upp viđ rá
rauđum skildi, rönd var ór gulli;
ţar var sundvörđr, sá er svara kunni
ok viđ öđlinga orđum skipta --:

34. "Segđu ţat í aftan, er svínum gefr
ok tíkr yđrar teygir at solli,
at sé Ylfingar austan komnir
gunnar gjarnir fyr Gnipalundi.

35. Ţar mun Höđbroddr Helga finna
flugtrauđan gram í flota miđjum,
sá er oft hefir örnu sadda,
međan ţú á kvernum kystir ţýjar."


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