About this poem:

Kolgrímr an Icelander who travelled to Norway with Ţolgrímr Hallason, Ţorgrímr's two sons, Bjarni and Ţórđr the brother of Bjarni. During the winter the group stayed with Kálfr Árnason a man with powerful influence with King Magnús inn góđi Óláfsson who was away in Denmark. During the course of the groups stay with Kálfr: Ţorgrímir killed Bjarni for slander; Ţórđr killed Ţorgrímir in vengence; Kolgrímr avenged Ţorgrímir by severly wounding Ţóđr resulting in Kolgrímr's imprisionment by Kálfr. Upon the return of King Magnús, Kálfr was given a pardon in which Kálfr recieted a poem in hounour of King Óláfr Haraldsson; who is King Magnús's father.

This is the stanza which honours King Óláfr Haraldsson:

1. I need the favour of the troop-controller1;
half the dominion is in Kálfr's hands.

1. The troop-controller is a reference to King Óláfr Haraldsson.


1. Herstillis ţarfk hylli;
hölf eru völd und Kalfi.


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